What’s Going On Here? Writing Prompt #5

Original image found on funnyimages.blogspot.com

Original image found on funnyimages.blogspot.com

A woman, a baby, a rat the size of a Doberman, and a pink tommy gun all went into a bathtub.

No, it’s not a bad joke told by your Uncle Larry at Thanksgiving – it’s your weekly writing prompt!

What the heck is going on here? Why are these people in this tub with a pink gun? Why is she smiling? Why isn’t that baby freaking the heck out? Give me your craziest stories, as long as they include a woman, a baby, a dog, and a pink tommy gun in a tub somewhere in the mix. And you better throw out your first idea, just to make sure it’s extra original.

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H. Duke writes contemporary fantasy, horror, and more. She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband, Giru, and a shiny black dog named Jupiter. Her weird west serial Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer is being released in eight episodes (sort of like a TV show, but for your e-reader!). you can get the first four episodes here.

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