2015 NaNoWriMo Resources: Character

NaNoWriMo Character Development ResourcesAll the NaNoWriMo character development resources you need, all in one place.

Finding Out Who Your Characters Are

Marcel Proust’s 35 Questions to Ask Your Characters (The Write Practice)

The Gotham Writers’ Character Questionnaire (Gotham Writer’s Workshop)

Blank Character Sheet – Over 370 Questions! (The Chugs Boson on Deviant Art)B

Body Language

Master List of Gestures and Body Language (Bryn Donovon)

Master List of Facial Expressions (Bryn Donovon)

Emotion Amplifiers <– This is a free downloadable Kindle Book. If you like it, you should check out their other book, The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, (Bonus, if you click the link, even without buying the book, it helps The Writersaurus!)

Character Motivation Resources

Character Motivation: Desires vs. Goals (The Writersaurus) ß Does your character have a solid goal, or just a flimsy desire? Don’t get stuck in the first week of NaNo – give your character something to work towards!

Understanding Your Character’s Motivations (Now Novel)

How to Create Character Motvation that Will Rivet Your Readers (She’s Novel)

Villains, Heroes, and Everything In-between

Bad Boy Show Down (The Writersaurus) ß Goes over all the different villain/bad boy/ anti-hero archetypes, and helps you decide which is right for your story.

3 Unforgivable Character Sins (The Writersaurus) ß Do you want your readers to like and identify with your characters? Then never let them do this!

The Difference Between Villains and Antagonists (Writer and Proud)

The Writer’s Mary Sue Test (Kat Feete) ßInteractive way to tell if a character is a Mary Sue.

7 Cliché Characters in YA Fiction that Need to Stop (Hannah Heath)

Dialogue Resources

How to Write Your Character’s Thoughts (Go Teen Writers)

Miscellaneous Character Development Resources

Ask Your Characters: How to Develop Character-Driven Plot Points (The Writersaurus) ß How to make sure your plot is character-driven and compelling!

How to Write Believable Characters (Now Novel)

Character Development Printables

Series Bible Printables (Sharon Rose Mayes) <-Incudes printables to help you keep track of major and minor characters.

Free Printables! For Writing Your Next Novel (Tricia Goyer) ß Includes character worksheets, plus links to other writing printables.

And of course, check out The Writersaurus’ Character Development and NaNoWriMo Pinterest Boards for even more great resources!

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