NaNoWriMo World Building Resources

NaNoWriMo World Building Resources

So you’ve got the characters figured out and your plot nearly perfect for your NaNoWriMo project this year. So what do you do now? You can’t just twiddle your thumbs until November 1, can you?

How about undertaking some moderate world building by checking out the below resources, hand-picked by The Writersaurus? Dig it.

World Building Magic and Technology

World Building Magic (The Writersaurus)

How to Create a Rational Magic System (Mythcreants)

World Building: Magic Systems (A Writer’s Journey)

How to World Build Magic: Short Rules for Real Worlds (Holly Lisle)

Map Creation

Story World Maps: Worthwhile or a Waste of Time? (One Year Novel)

How to Make a Map for Your Novel (Storm the Castle)

How to Draw a World Map (Fantastic Maps)

22 Great Map Making Resources (The World Building School)

Miscellaneous World Building Resources

2 Essential World Building Questions for Writers (The Writersaurus)

World Building without the Info-dump (The Writersaurus)

The Writersaurus’ World Building Board on Pinterest – includes a whole bunch of incredibly useful world building info-graphics that couldn’t be linked to here.

The Five Foundations of World Building (Melinda Lo)

How to Create a Fact Manual for a Book Series (Alyson Schroll)

World Building: Creating Fictional Cultures (J.S. Morin)

25 Things You Should Know about World Building (Chuck Wendig)

Fantasy World Building Questions (Fantast and Science Fiction Writers of America)

World Building Downloads and Printables

Series Bible Printables (Sharon Rose Mayes) <-Incudes printables to help you keep track of setting.

Magical World Builder Guide (Magical World Builder)

Novel Notebook PDF <- This is a more holistic document for planning your work as a whole, but it has some great worksheets, so I thought I’d include it here.

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The Writersaurus’ NaNoWriMo Board on Pinterest

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