Six Tarot Decks with Literary Themes for Writers

Six tarot decks for writers with literary themes from the tarot for fiction writers series on The Writersaurus. #amwriting #tarotforfictionwriters

Hello, reader-writers! This post is written in support of the first in The Writersaurus Guides series of books, Tarot for Fiction Writers and its companion workbook, The Fiction Writer’s Tarot Journal. Since many of you may be new to using the tarot as a writing tool and don’t have a deck of your own, I thought I’d put a few posts together with my top picks for tarot decks.

Today’s list is for decks with literary themes. They may be based on a book, story world, or author. Literary decks can help you better relate each card’s meaning and imagery to your own story. The decks below are all available on Amazon, are reasonably priced (you’d be surprised how many tarot decks are so rare that they’re only available for several hundred dollars), and most have free prime shipping. They all have The Writersaurus seal of approval.

So, let’s get started!

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1.      The Shakespearean Tarot

Of course we had to have a Shakespeare deck on this list!

From the description: “William Shakespeare’s work penetrates and reveals the human mind, heart, and soul, firing the imagination so that we may easily see ourselves within his cast of characters. In this extravagant deck of 78 Tarot cards with accompanying guidebook, striking images and card meanings are perfectly matched with the Tarot using Jungian archetypes from Shakespeare’s most famous plays.”

The Shakespearean Tarot on Amazon

2. TV Series Tarot

These shows may not have been discussed in your high school literature class, but their imagery and subject matter may be more accessible to the modern fiction writer.

From the Amazon description: “Inspired by the renaissance of the small screen brought about by streaming technology, this clever and creative deck will have you binge watching your favorite tarot spreads. With subtle references to the most iconic shows from television history, TV Series Tarot reimagines classical tarot archetypes using the familiar tropes of modern storytelling.”

Find TV Series Tarot on Amazon

3. The Hobbit Tarot

From on of the most popular and enduring fantasy epics around, there’s no wonder why this deck made the list!
From the Amazon description: “Enter the world of The Hobbit and allow the powerful imagery of the tarot to guide you through this mystic realm. Following the hero s (sic) quest along his many adventures, The Hobbit Tarot helps us understand the meaning of our own life journeys. 96-page booklet offers insightful tarot interpretations and three unique card spreads.”

Find The Hobbit Tarot on Amazon

4. Necronomicon Tarot

This one’s perfect for the horror writers out there, because it’s based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

From the Amazon description: “The Necronomicon Tarot brings the phantasmagoric desert wanderings of Alhazred to life in a stunningly visceral deck and companion book. Seventy-eight captivating illustrations by fantasy artist Anne Stokes capture the mythic and monstrous world of Tyson’s Necronomicon while remaining true to the underlying structure and tradition of tarot. Prepare to enter a world where the accursed and tormented poet wanders in search of the greatest and darkest magic ― divination with the dead.”

Find the Necronomicon Tarot on Amazon

5. The Sherlock Holmes Tarot

Sherlock Holmes’ power of deduction will certainly help you solve the mysteries you seek to uncover in your writing. Elementary, my dear Watson.

From the Amazon description: “(Sherlock Holmes’) keen powers of perception and extraordinary exploits have inspired this dazzling new divination deck, which draws its imagery from Victorian London’s shadowy buildings and fog-bound streets. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories figure throughout, and original characters make up the Major Arcana.”

Find The Sherlock Holmes Tarot on Amazon

6. Wonderland Tarot (in a tin!)

Not only does this deck feature images from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, but it comes in a reusable decorative tin! How about that!

From the Amazon description: “Join the mad tea party with the beloved characters of Lewis Carroll in The Wonderland Tarot, including The Mad Hatter (Fool), Alice (High Priestess), Humpty Dumpty (Sun), the White Rabbit (Judgement) and all the others. The delightful artwork by Morgana Abbey pays homage to the hand-drawn Victorian style of Sir John Tenniel, illustrator of the first edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Find the Wonderland Tarot on Amazon

This is only a small sampling of the literary tarot decks out there – there wasn’t enough room for me to list them all, so I had to whittle it down to my favorites! If none of these decks suit your fancy, try searching on Amazon or Google for the title of your favorite book (or TV show/movie) followed by the word tarot. Or, you can check out my other tarot deck recommendations!

Be sure to comment below and share what deck you picked and why! And don’t forget to grab your copy of Tarot for Fiction Writers! If you preorder before March 1, you’ll save 20%! Click here to preorder now!

And don’t forget the companion workbook, The Fiction Writer’s Tarot Journal, which you can purchase on Amazon or download for free in printable PDF form when you sign up for updates from The Writersaurus (sign up link in Tarot for Fiction Writers).

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  1. February 12, 2018 at 1:31 AM

    This is a great list…but where was it when I JUST bought the Visa Versa deck? J/K, of course. I love that there are decks like the ones on your list that writers of specific genres may find especially useful!

  2. February 12, 2018 at 6:14 PM

    Thanks for your comment, Anissa! I’m actually really glad you got the Visa Versa deck. I think it’s a really neat idea, and it may be appearing in future deck recommendation posts! So if you have any comments or opinions on it, let me know!

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