Review of Mastering Amazon Ads by Brian Meeks

This review of Mastering Amazon Ads is a part of a new series for 2018 where I am being more intentional with the writing books I read. How many books do you read that you immediately forget about afterwards? Right, me too. That’s why I’m writing these posts—and you can, too! For my list of essential nonfiction books about writing and more information on the intentional reading challenge, click here.

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Book Title: Mastering Amazon Ads by Brian Meeks (click here to go to the Amazon page)

Star Rating: 4.75 / 5

In KU: No

Is the information included timeless, or will it eventually become outdated?

Since Amazon could make changes to its ad platform at any time (and the author stresses this fact all the time), the parts of the book that deal with the platform itself, such as setting ads, could easily become outdated. I feel like many of the bid suggestions are already out of date.

However, the section about copywriting is pretty timeless, as are all the sections stressing the importance of data analysis.

Short summary of book:

Brian Meeks shares his methods for creating successful Amazon ads, including how to set an ad, how to analyze it, and a section on copywriting.

What did I like about the book?

-The section on copywriting, especially on writing a book’s Amazon description, was especially helpful. I found it more helpful than Brian Cohen’s book How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis (which I liked), because I thought it was more straight-forward. I read this section 6+ times, and will probably read it again.

-Throughout the book Brian give example analyses of his own ads and book descriptions. I liked this, though it is difficult to take these examples and apply them to my own books. However, it does give an idea of the sort of mindset you need to make the ads work for you.

-Book explains everything you need to know about starting to use the Amazon ads platform. It put my mind at ease that I could use it without the possibility of accidentally losing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What didn’t I like about the book?

-The book is now a year old, and it is difficult to know if all the information inside is correct. For example, are the bid amounts still efficient? It’s hard to tell, and even the members of the Mastering Amazon Ads Facebook group don’t seem to have a straight answer.

-It is not always easy to find the information you need in the book. The order of the chapters does not seem very helpful (this is something Brian addresses in the book). I’ve re-read the book twice, and it’s still difficult to tell what I should be doing next. Again, I don’t think this is the author’s fault, it’s just the nature of Amazon ads. He’s probably done all he can to make it as easy as possible. Still, don’t go in thinking this is a magic bullet to fame and riches.

-there were more typos than I would have liked. This is a minor qualm, of course, and the amount if good, useable information you get out of it makes it worth it.

Did I learn anything new by reading this book?

-Heck yes! I probably learned more new, applicable information from this book than any other writing book I’ve read in recent memory. A couple of my favorite “quick tips” that I learned from this book are:

-address ad copy to the reader – so use the word “you.” The word “because” is also very important, as in, “you’ll love this book because it will keep you turning the pages!” Other important words are “now” and “instantly.” According to the book, studies show that using these four words considerably improves click-through rates.

-the importance of and how to calculate read-through

-the importance of and how to calculate conversion

How will I incorporate what I learned in my writing life?

I have already started running a few Amazon ads, and I’m seeing good results. I will also be paying more attention to my book’s description in the future.

Is it worth re-reading: Yes – I’ve already read this book twice and have re-read other parts multiple times.

Is it worth buying in print: Yes

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Have you read Mastering Amazon Ads? What did you think of it? Are you running any AMS ads, and if so, what tips can you give us? Write your mini review of Mastering Amazon ads in the comments!

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