Author: H. Duke

H. Duke writes fantasy, horror, and more. Her works include the weird west / urban fantasy serial mashup, Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer and the Christmas horror collection, Things on the Shelf: Three Tales of Christmas Terror, as well as the forthcoming Pagewalker series. She wrote the first season of Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer while living in Arizona with her husband, Giru, and a shiny black dog named Jupiter. To see what she's up to now, visit her website.

Christmas Writing Prompt (#2)

For our second Wednesday writing exercise, we’re celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas-themed Writing Prompt!

Christmas Writing Prompt

Write about a special holiday tradition in your family. Alternatively, compare and contrast your Christmases/ holidays growing up to the Christmases/holidays you celebrate now – who or what caused these changes? Do you still feel the same way about the holiday season as you did when you were a kid? Were your holiday expectations ever disappointed in any way, great or small?

Want more holiday themed writing prompts? Check out the following sites:

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Holiday Writing Prompts – highly recommended!

Send your responses (or a link to your blog where you posted your responses), and I’ll post them when I put up next week’s writing prompt! And don’t forget to follow on Pinterest for weekly prompts and more great content!



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