Author: H. Duke

H. Duke writes contemporary fantasy, horror, and more. She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband, Giru, and a shiny black dog named Jupiter. Her weird west serial Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer is being released in eight episodes (sort of like a TV show, but for your e-reader!). you can get the first four episodes here.

3 Beginnings (Prompt #4)

Better yet, brainstorm five ways to begin your story, then (plot twist!) discard the first three (in the order they came to you – no cheating!) and write out the remaining two. Choose the one you think fits the story better.

Resolution Realities (Prompt #3)

Tonight is the last night of 2014 – the year went by like a toddler running towards a plate of unguarded cookies, amirite? Well, I’m working on this Friday’s post about goal-setting and writing resolutions, and I got to thinking…

Christmas Writing Prompt (#2)

For our second Wednesday writing exercise, we’re celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas-themed Writing Prompt!

Christmas Writing Prompt

Write about a special holiday tradition in your family. Alternatively, compare and contrast your Christmases/ holidays growing up to the Christmases/holidays you celebrate now – who or what caused these changes? Do you still feel the same way about the holiday season as you did when you were a kid? Were your holiday expectations ever disappointed in any way, great or small?

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Holiday Writing Prompts – highly recommended!

Send your responses (or a link to your blog where you posted your responses), and I’ll post them when I put up next week’s writing prompt! And don’t forget to follow on Pinterest for weekly prompts and more great content!



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