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3 Beginnings (Prompt #4)

Better yet, brainstorm five ways to begin your story, then (plot twist!) discard the first three (in the order they came to you – no cheating!) and write out the remaining two. Choose the one you think fits the story better.

Plot Bones: Make a Plot Skeleton to Write Your Story on

Does plotting scare you? Do you find yourself wasting valuable words and time writing boring, unrelated scenes that you know you’ll just cut later? Do you have a great idea for a story, but aren’t sure what events should happen…

Ask Your Characters: How To Develop Character-Driven Plot Points

Author’s Note: This post was originally featured on my old blog.  If you’ve followed the link from there to here, welcome! So NaNoWriMo has again come and gone, and after a much deserved break (from writing, at least – I’m…