Recommended Writing Books

The Big List of Writing Books

*This list is a modified version of a post made in the 20Booksto50K Facebook Group. Starting in 2018, I will be reading them one by one, and doing my best to act on what I learn in each book. For more information, read this post on my intentional reading challenge. I have added some titles and removed others. I’ve noted the ones that were available in Kindle Unlimited at the time of this writing. I will post links to my review of each book as I read them.

If you want more writing advice, check out my Writersaurus Guides Series of writing books.

Books about Craft

Story (McKee)
Story Genius (Cron)*
Write Like a Boss (KU) (Honoree Corder)
The Emotional Craft of Fiction (Maas)*
Creating Character Arcs (K.M. Weiland)
Outlining Your Novel (Weiland)
Structuring Your Novel (Weiland)
5,000 Words Per Hour (Fox)*
On Writing (King)*
Dynamic Story Creation (KU) (Maxwell Alexander Drake)
Point of View (KU) (Drake)
Anatomy of a Story (Truby)
How to Write Pulp Fiction (James Scott Bell)
The Writer’s Guide to Fat Outlining (KU) (Kat Lind) (Writersaurus Review)
The Five Day Novel (KU) (Scott King)
Fiction Unboxed (Truant)
Five Secrets of Story Structure (Weiland)
Take Off Your Pants (Hawker)*
2k to 10k (Aaron)

Tarot for Fiction Writers (Dziuk)

Romancing the beat (Gwen Hayes)
Save the Cat (Snyder)

Author/Business Mindset

The Successful Author Mindset (Penn)
The Miracle Morning for Writers (KU) (Corder)
The Power of Habit (Duhigg)*
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People (KU) (Covey)
Prosperity for Writers (KU) (Corder)*
The War of Art (Pressfield)*
Do the Work (Pressfield)
Turning Pro (Pressfield)*
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Dweck)

Eat that Frog (Brian Tracy)

Talent is Overrated (Colvin)

Grit (Duckworth)

Books about Self-publishing

The Six Figure Author (Fox)*
Write to Market (KU) (Fox)*
Relaunch Your Novel (Fox)*
Write. Publish. Repeat. (Platt? Truant? One of them…)
The Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook (Sedwick)
Stages of a Fiction Writer (Smith)
Writing Into the Dark (Smith)
Business for Authors (Penn)


Books about Marketing

Mastering Amazon Ads (Meeks) (Writersaurus Review)
How to Market a Book (Penn)
Marketers Tell Stories (Godin)
Your First 1,000 Copies (KU) (Grahl)*
Sell More Books with Less Social Media (Chris Syme)
Smart Social Media for Authors (KU) (Syme)
Sell More Books with Less Marketing (KU) (Syme)
Let’s Get Visible (Gaughran)
Reader Magnets (KU) (Stephenson)*
Help My Facebook Ads Suck (Michael Cooper)*
The Psychology of Selling (Tracy)
How to Write A Sizzling Synopsis (Bryan Cohen)

Mailing Lists Unboxed (Patty Jansen)