Tarot for Fiction Writers

Tired of waiting for inspiration to strike?

Learn to control the muses and trigger moments of storytelling genius using the world’s most enigmatic divination tool – a deck of tarot cards!

Writer’s block and lack of inspiration have plagued writers for centuries, but not anymore! This guide from thewritersaurus.com is here to teach you how a simple deck of tarot cards can unleash your creativity and trigger moments of storytelling genius.

Tarot for Fiction Writers makes it easier than ever to spark your creativity. Easy to follow diagrams, exercises, and step-by-step instructions help you discover:

•        Guidance on interpreting the cards

•        How to use the tarot to jumpstart your prewriting

•        Spreads to develop your characters, plot, and world

•        How to use the cards to trigger “flow” state

•        How to develop spreads to use in your writing, and more!

No more waiting for inspiration to strike! If you want to take your fiction to the next level, you’ll love Tarot for Fiction Writers because it puts creative control back in your hands!

Tarot for Fiction Writers is the first book in the Writersaurus Guides series designed to help writers improve their craft, find readers, and achieve publishing success.

Tarot for Fiction Writers and its companion workbook, The Fiction Writers Tarot Journal are releasing on March 1, 2018. If you preorder the Kindle book before March 1, you’ll save 20% off of the list price! Click here to preorder now!